Aaron's Wedding Photos

It is said that marriage is a three-ring circus: the engagement ring, the wedding ring, and the suffering. The suffering part begins in the form of the wedding. It is a nightmare to plan and stressful to experience. Still, weddings do have certain rewards. Here is the story of my own ceremony.

The Wedding Invitation

Since my lover Jeff is a humorous illustrator, it seemed logical to have him design our wedding invitations. Sure enough, he came up with an extremely creative and silly card.

Our invitations featured a comical illustration of Jeff and I intiviting the recipients to the ceremony. The inside of the card featured a second illustration with a caption about the ceremony being a day of celebration surrounded by family and friends. Since our family and friends are rather odd at best, the rather unusual gathering around us seemed highly appropriate.

The Bachelor Party

July 29, 1999

On July 29th a group of eight of us held a joint bachelor party for Jeff and I at La Maison de Sade Supper Club in NYC. For those of you who are a more sheltered than the typical New Yorker, La Maison is a S&M-themed restaurant. Spankings, humiliation, crossdressing, infantilism, dog training, and plenty more are available during dinner. During the course of the meal we observed plenty of people enjoying themselves, including a slave licking his mistress's boots while she drank at the bar.

The appetizers has only begun to arrive when one of the well built masters came to the table in search of me. It seems one of my guests had betrayed my impending nuptuals to the staff.  I was politely but firmly brought to the center of the resturant, where I was stripped, tied up, and then spanked, whipped, and had hot wax poured all over my body (followed by ice cubes down my underwear!).

Of course my friends didn't want me to suffer alone. They joined in the fun by laughing at my tortures as they ate dinner.

A few inquires found the guilty party. You may recognize him in the second pictures as the stud Chris in the final scene of Aaron's Hot Tub Party. A few words to a hostess and his doom was sealed. I had arranged for dog training! "Bark, dog!" The master commanded as he swatted Chris with a rolled up newspaper. He led Chris (on his knees and with a leash, of course!) through the restarant to other tables for the amusement of the other patrons. Even into the street where the passers-bye were invited to scratch him between the ears.

The meal ended on a humorous note. Another slave being dog trained crawled to our table with our check in his mouth. Another slave cleaned the dishes off our table at the order of one of the host-mistresses. Oh, what a place!

The Wedding

July 31, 1999

Our ceremony was held on an extremely hot day. Everyone was suffering in their suits and tuxedos, so we endeavored to make it as short of a ceremony as possible. Fortunately the reception was to be held indoors.

To the left is the big ceremony. From left to right are Steve (Jeff's best man), Jeff, myself, and Will (my best man). On the very right is Dan, a former Catholic priest and the officiator of our ceremony.

The Vows

Jeff's vow was short and sweet, mostly pledging his love to me. My vow, on the other hand, was a bit more in nature with my personality: silly!

"Jeff, although you may not realize it, we have been together for six years, ten months, twenty-eight days, sixteen hours, and twenty-five minutes.

"From our first kiss, that is! If you add in our whole first evening at Dugan's Deli in Ames, Iowa, it's actually more like six years, ten months, twenty-eight days, nineteen hours, and ten minutes.

"You see, I know this because I count the hours we spend together. Each time you take me in your arms, or call me pookie, or even call me a clod for not helping you with the dishes, I know my days have been well spent. I cannot imagine anyone who could make a better husband or ever, ever make me happier in life.

"I vow to you, Jeff, on all the years I have called you my lover, that even on my busiest days I will try to pull myself away from my computer and away from my work to make you as happy and complete as you have made me. I love you, Jeff."

The Kiss

Of course, there was a kiss too.

The Reception

Here's the head table. From left to right, we have Melissa, Jeff's best man Steve, Jeff, myself, my best man Will, and his girlfriend Isadora (Izzy). The Reception was a lot of fun, and was without a doubt the most successful and expensive party I have ever thrown. Fortunately most everyone showed up, as there was food galore. After we finished the pre-reception reception in the hotel, the guests were stuffed... and shocked to learn there was a full dinner ahead of everyone. Needless to say a fabulous time was had by all.

The Cake

During the reception we struggled to combine traditional wedding events with the needs of a gay wedding. I've included a shot from the cake cutting ceremony. You'll notice there is no groom and groom statues on the cake. We looked in several stores but couldn't find a set.

No throwing of the bouquet, either. Someone suggested I throw my underwear, but I declined. I charge money for that thrill!

The Toast

We did follow one more tradition - the wedding toast. This is my brother welcoming Jeff to the family as he toasts our current and future happiness. I don't remember what he said but it was an Irish toast of some sort, and it was sweet and greatly appreciated.

Jeff & Aaron

One last look at the happy couple.