Adult Videos

I had a long video career, primarily on the amateur circuit. I have produced 38 amateur videos of which I appeared in 36. I have appeared in three professional videos, as well as four (technically five) amateur videos by other producers.

FYI, there is a low-budget video from Pacific Sun Entertainment named Peepers starring a different Aaron Lawrence. That is not me and to my knowledge he has never done any other videos under that name.

Amateur Videos

In the years since I started producing these videos, the government has hevaily revamped 2257 laws regarding what types of identification (especially foreign IDs) are acceptable. While all of the previously sold videos remain legal to own, not all of the videos have remained legal to sell. I have linked to more information for those of my videos still in distribution.

Gabriel fucking Aaron in Aaron's Amateur Funfest

Aaron Jacks Off

Aaron's Boys Tell All

Aaron's Hot Tub Party

Aaron's Boys Tell All 2

Aaron's Casting Couch

Aaron's First Orgy

Aaron's Amateur Funfest

Aaron's American Tour 1

Aaron's American Tour 2

Aaron's Adventures in Amsterdam 1

Aaron's Adventures in Amsterdam 2

Aaron and Leo getting fucked in Aaron's European Friend

Aaron's European Friend

Aaron's Adventures in Russia 1

Aaron's Adventures in Russia 2

Aaron's Adventures in Russia 3

Aaron's Adventures in Russia 4

Aaron's Russian Boy Orgy

Aaron's Adventures in London 1

Aaron's Adventures in London 2

Aaron's London Boy Orgy

Aaron licking Alexi #3's balls in Aaron's Adventures in Ukraine 2

Aaron's Adventures in London 3

Aaron's Adventures in Thailand 1

Aaron's Adventures in Thailand 2

Aaron's Thai Boy Circle Jerk

Aaron's Adventures in Thailand 3

Aaron's Adventures in Ukraine 1

Aaron's Adventures in Ukraine 2

Aaron's Amateur Funfest 2

Aaron's Adventures in Riga (directing only)

Aaron fucking Karlis #2 in Aaron's Adventures in the Czech Republic

Aaron's Russian Boy Orgy 2

Aaron's Adventures in Russia 5

Aaron's Adventures in Russia 6

Aaron's Adventures in Russia 7

Aaron's Amateur Funfest 3

Aaron's Adventures in Slovakia (directing only)

Aaron's Bareback Orgy

Aaron's American Tour 3

Aaron's Adventures in the Czech Republic

Professional Videos
All links below lead to either the online theater (where possible), or a website where you can purchase the movie.

Pushover - Footage from this video was repackaged in the extraordinarily unimpressive discount video, 69 Gay Blowjobs #2. Pushover was a low-budget video to begin with, but the resale of the footage makes Pushover/69GBJ the only video in which I am ashamed to have appeared.

Oddly, the DVD re-release of another Robert Prion video, One Way or the Other, bears my name on the cover. I was not in the original version of this video. And while it is possible that footage from my appearance in Pushover was edited into this version of the film, my search of the Internet has not found any evidence that this is so. I can only imagine that Prion made a mistake when designing his cover.

Studio 2000's The Dream Team

The Dream Team - This is the exact opposite of Pushover. Extremely high-budget, well-written, and crafted, this was one of the most famous gay videos of the year. In 2000 it received GayVN awards (the Oscars of gay porn) for Best Director, Best Gay Video and Best Screenplay. I was also nominated for Best Supporting Actor but did not win. I am in four out of six scenes in this video.

There was an interesting feud between the director (Jerry Douglas) and the producer (Scott Masters) of the Dream Team. The director insisted I be given the co-starring role, but the producer didn't want me because he thought I was highly unattractive. Their compromise? I was cast in the co-starring role, but I was was included in virtually none of the film's advertising and not pictured on the boxcover. In spite of the conflict, I received great reviews for my appearance.

Virgin No More - The quality of this video is halfway between the two. I am in one threeway scene with Tuck Johnson and Haus Weston. It was a strange scene to film, as Haus kept watching straight porn off-set to stay hard, and Tuck was out of sorts of kept having erection troubles. Haus refused to have anything to do with fluffing Tuck, so it was left to me to do so. I got inside Tuck's head after while and he started telling me about his deepest fantasies about straight guys like Haus. Sure enough, he became quite hard and the rest of the scene went fine.

Notable notable in this video is the presence of Javier Duran, a Latino stud that I had a huge lust for at the time. Sadly, we were not in a scene together, although I did get to meet him on the set. Nice guy, but mostly straight. Anyway, my scene in this movie has been repackaged and released as part of The Best of Haus Weston (scene 5).

Amateur Videos fom Other Producers

PC31: Never Say Never cover

Vidkid Timo (Marais Media): Pueris Collection 31: Never Say Never - This is the second camera's footage of the scene between Vidkid Timo and I in Aaron's American Tour 2. Vidkid Timo has a different editing style than I do, so viewers who enjoyed the scene on AAT2 may enjoy this as well.

Eric Magyar (Buffstuff Videos): Eric Magyar Goes West - I was initially going to be the cameraman for this scene, but he turned out to be a top. Eric, being a top himself, realized a disaster was in the making. So he asked me to do the scene instead of him. I thought the other actor was hot, so I readily agreed. So Drew and I did a scene together with lots of sucking, rimming, and fucking. Twas fun!

Eric Magyar (Buffstuff Videos): Rentboy Orgy - Eric Magyar asked me to do this scene for him. In retrospect, I should have refused. He was one scene short for a video and I wanted to help him finish it, but I just wasn't in the mood to do a video. The other actor and I didn't have the greatest chemistry, and I had trouble getting fucked. Still, the magic of editing makes it a fun scene. But my heart just wasn't in it.

Show Guys Productions: ShowGuys 20 - I am not in this video per se, but rather behind a second camera simultaneously filming this scene. ShowGuys does live sex shows on the Internet, and I intended this scene to be released for a movie called Aaron's Live Sex Shows. I never did film enough scenes to release said movie, but you can see me in this scene lurking behind the second camera wishing I could be going at it in the action. I think I may reach my hand in from time to time to play, but am not 110% sure about that.

Show Guys Productions: ShowGuys 38 - Another scene for the never-completed Aaron's Live Sex Shows, this was filmed with ShowGuys at their studio in New York City. I fuck around with a cute British twink named James. I do some massive fingering and give him a fuck of a lifetime.