The Aaron Timeline

March 29, 1971
- Aaron is born in Summit, New Jersey.
Age 5
- Aaron has his first crush on a boy, children's storybook character Christopher Robbins. (He thought Winnie the Pooh's young friend had nice legs).
Age 13
- Aaron begins having wet dreams.
Age 14
- Aaron masturbates to orgasm for the first time.
Age 15
- Aaron comes out as being gay, jacks off for the first time on video, and later loses his virginity. (Busy year!)
Aaron at age 16 (aint I cute?)
Age 16
- Aaron (pictured at age 16 on the right) dreams of being a sex symbol, but is daunted by acne, unpopularity, and other trials and tribulations of adolescence.
- Aaron heads off to college at Iowa State University in Ames, IA.
- Aaron and Jeff share their first kiss.
Fall '93
- At the now-defunct Show Palace in Times Square Aaron misunderstands a dancer's offer of a "private show" and accidently hires him for sex.
- Aaron escorts for the first time. Aaron graduates with a B.S. in Psychology.
5/93 -
Aaron heads off to graduate school at Michigan State University in East Lansing, MI.
Aaron at 160 pounds (not a pretty sight!)
- Aaron tops out at 161 lbs.
- Aaron graduates with a Masters degree in College and University Administration (a truly worthless degree). Aaron begins to escort on a regular basis. He realizes it's time to lose the weight.
- Aaron leaves escorting at the request of Jeff.
- Aaron is offered a job working with adults with developmental disabilities. He quickly discovers the job requirements are utterly impossible to fulfill.
- Aaron resigns his job and returns to escorting. He is thrilled to be back.
- Aaron creates his first website on AOL. It lasts three weeks before AOL censors it for "objectionable content."
- Aaron creates his second website, this time renting space from a private webmaster.
- Aaron proposes to Jeff, his lover of almost five years. Jeff accepts, although they set no immediate plans to marry.
- Aaron (now at 130 lbs.) meets with a photographer for Blueboy, who rejects him saying he doesn't have the body for porn. Aaron becomes angry and sets out to take the world by storm.
- Aaron records Aaron Jacks Off, his first amateur video.
- Aaron is featured on the Twink Search, a popular site with pictures of some of the best looking amateurs on the net.
Aaron in a layout for
- Aaron records Pushover, a low-budget porno movie by Robert Prion.
- Aaron completes the rough draft for Suburban Hustler, his first book. He immediately sets out on the forbidding task of editing it.
- Aaron decides he wants to become a total sex symbol. He heads off to the gym and begins working out regularly. Over the next six months he loses another 15 lbs., some of which is gained back in muscular definition.
- Aaron is the featured model of the month on mega-website
- Aaron releases Aaron's Boys Tell All, his second amateur video.
Spring '98
- Aaron works out and gets into better shape than ever before. He is featured on a number of websites while his website receives several rewards.
- Aaron is pictured in the August issue of Skinflicks in a review for Pushover.
Aaron in Freshmen magazine
- Aaron releases Aaron's Hot Tub Party, his third amateur video. Aaron and a client visit the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas.
- Aaron appears in his first magazine layout in the September issue of Freshmen. He also begins a promotional campaign to secure high quality adult video work. Several new picture galleries ask to feature his pictures.
- Aaron releases Aaron's Boys Tell All 2. The promotional campaign continues.
- Aaron appears as a featured model on Studio 2000 flies him to Los Angeles to star in The Dream Team, his first major adult video appearance.
- Aaron is featured by Unzipped Magazine as one of five rising porn stars of 1999. Online porno gossip/news columns begin covering his career.
- Aaron announces an extended hiatus from producing amateur videos. Balloting begins for Freshman of the Year in Freshmen magazine.
- The Online Store opens and Aaron gains the ability to accept credit cards in his business. Aaron learns that Blueboy (see 8/97) went bankrupt and is no longer in publication. He finds this to be an ironic twist of justice, a sign for him to continue his hard work.
Suburban Hustler
- Suburban Hustler is officially released. The Dream Team is also publicly released. Aaron begins work on a new book. Aaron guests stars at the Hustlerball '99. A friend/client hires Aaron to escort him on a ten-day trip to Europe, his biggest "job" so far. While there he performs his first ever striptease at Blue Boy, a legalized gay bar and brothel.
- Aaron sets out in search of additional of video work around the same time The Dream Team reviews arrive. In addition to a whopping sixteen pages of pictures from the movie, XXX Showcase features a page profile about Aaron's career in the sex industry. Unzipped Magazine runs a chapter from Suburban Hustler, causing sales (and hits on this website) to jump noticeably.
- Aaron is offered and films a scene in Virgin No More, an All Worlds Video production. The New York Blade newspaper runs an article about Aaron, his book, and his career. The 1999 Probie nominations are announced - Aaron is nominated for Best Web Presence.
- Aaron's and Rick Chase appear on the cover of First Hand Magazine. A wire service report results in several radio interviews to promote his book. Aaron ventures with a client to Toronto on his second international trip. The Guide Magazine runs an interview with Aaron. Aaron and his lover, Jeff, marry each other at a ceremony in Somerset, NJ.
July 31, 1999
- Aaron and his lover, Jeff, marry each other at a ceremony in Somerset, NJ.
- Aaron appears on the cover of the Encounter Pages, a supplement to the Dallas Voice, a gay newspaper. Aaron's Advice, a syndicated online sex advice column is launched.
- Aaron adopts a three-legged cat (Her Majesty, also known as "Miss Kitty") then visits Hawaii for the first time, courtesy of a client.
Aaron's Escort of the Year Trophy
11/99 -
The January issue of Inches magazine hits the stands with Aaron as it's centerfold!
12/99 -
Aaron is pronounced Escort of the Year for 1999 by the Male Escort Review (later revamped as Daddy's Reviews).
1/00 -
Aaron is nominated for a GayVN award for Best Supporting Actor for his role as the introverted Howie in the Dream Team. The 2000 Adam Gay Video Guide (the who's who of the porn industry) is released with Aaron included in it. The Best of the Gay Superstars 2000 is released with a big chapter on Aaron.
3/00 -
Aaron releases his fifth amateur video, Aaron's Casting Couch. Virgin No More is finally released for general distribution. Aaron visits Acapulco with a client.
6/00 -
Aaron unveils his sixth amateur video, Aaron's First Orgy
9/00 -
After a busy but unremarkable summer, Aaron goes on his longest trip ever with a client.  Over seventeen days they visit Amsterdam, Dublin, Berlin, Budapest, and Prague. Aaron falls in love with the Czech Republic, and remarks how he would love to pack it all in and move there.
10/00 -
Aaron releases his second book, The Male Escort's Handbook. He begins a book tour around the country that will ultimately stop in over eighteen cities. He also release his seventh amateur video, Aaron's Amateur Funfest.
11/00 -
Aaron embarks on a trip to the west coast to sign books, entertain clients, and film amateur videos. Over the span of two weeks he visits Las Vegas, San Diego, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver. While on the road he films Aaron's American Tour 1.
12/00 -
Unzipped prints "Ten Tips When Hiring a Male Escort", written by (surprise!) Aaron. Aaron's tour continues through six cities in the south, including a several day stay in New Orleans where he films Aaron's American Tour 2. Aaron also appears in his first "non-Aaron" amateur video, Eric Magyar Goes West. Shortly before the year ends Aaron begins work on his third book.
1/01 -
Aaron invests $8,000 back into his video business to purchase a high power duplication system, a non-linear editing system, and a mini-DV camera. This equipment will allow him to vastly increase the visual quality of his videos, enhance his ability to edit his movies, allow him to create digital video clips of his movies for this site, and decrease the turnaround time for shipping new releases.
Aaron's Adventures in Amsterdam 1
2/01 -
Aaron and Vidkid Timo travel to Amsterdam and film Aaron's Adventures in Amsterdam, a two-part amateur video filmed in Amsterdam, partially at the BlueBoy Brothel.  Aaron films eight scenes in seven days while having incredible sex, desperately searching for models before time runs out, and frequently collapsing from exhaustion.
3/01 -
Aaron releases Aaron's Amsterdam Adventure 1 and 2. The May issue of Inches magazine comes out with a two-page interview with Aaron and review of The Male Escort's Handbook. The March issue of Out magazine also has several quotes from Aaron. also features an article entitled "Sex Degrees of Separation" written by Aaron. Not one to rest on his laurels, Aaron begins researching video opportunities in Russia. Aaron also visits Mt. Rainer, WA with a client.
4/01 -
Aaron redesigns his website between trips to Portland/Seattle and Key West. He also spends a weekend hosting Scott, a friend from Austria. This becomes the basis for his 12th amateur video, Aaron's European Friend.
5/01 -
Aaron's website hits a whopping one million visitors since its creation. Aaron's European Friend is also released. Aaron also does his first live sex show on Fortunately for those of you that missed it, the session was recorded and will be released on a future Aaron video. Aaron also visits the Midwest to do two more book signings, and films two more video scenes.
Aaron's Adventures in Russia 2
- Aaron and Vidkid Timo head to Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia. While there they manage to film five videos over the course of 12 days, including two scenes with members of the Russian military. (Consider it my contribution to global understanding and world peace).
- Aaron releases Aaron's Adventures in Russia 1 and 2 before he heads off to Alaska for a nine-day trip with a client. Aaron comes out to his fourth and final sibling about his career in the sex industry.
- Aaron appears on an episode of, a six-part British documentary about sex on the Internet. Aaron's Adventures in Russia 3, 4, and Aaron's Russian Boy Orgy are released.
- Aaron takes another video trip, this time to London.  He films enough footage for four videos while he is there.
- Aaron is voted "Best Bottom Escort" and "Best Versatile Escort" in the Joey and Carlo escort awards. Aaron releases Aaron's Adventures in London 1.
- Aaron visits Thailand! He films four videos there to be released sometime in 2002.
- Aaron adopts another three-legged cat, Mushy.
- Aaron invests a ton of money (over $10,000!) into his business to purchase equipment and software to release his videos on DVD. His first DVD releases are new titles - Aaron's Adventures in London 2 and Aaron's London Boy Orgy.
- Aaron premiers his newly redone online store area with SSL encryption technology and an integrated shopping cart function. With this he takes yet another step away from his slowing escort career and into his new life as an amateur producer. Aaron release Aaron's Adventures in London 3.
- To better focus in his video business Aaron announces a one year sabbatical from escorting. He also writes his last edition of Aaron's Advice, his sex advice column.
- Aaron is featured in Ed. Karvosky's new book, Award-Winning Men.
Aaron's Adventures in Thailand 1
- Aaron releases four new titles, Aaron's Adventures in Thailand 1, 2, 3, and Aaron's Thai Boy Circle Jerk. Aaron's videos also appear in stores for the first time. Aaron heads to Ukraine on yet another sex-filled filming trip, but the trip is a disappointment and he only achieves half of his filming goals.
- The August issue of Unzipped magazine runs a feature on Aaron as part of an article on 14 up-and-coming filmmakers in the adult video business. Aaron is also briefly mentioned in articles in Australia's Blue magazine and Publishers Weekly.
- Aaron and Jeff celebrate ten years together. Aaron premiers the new members area of his website. Aaron visits Russia for a second time and in the span of 14 days manages a whopping 12 photo sets, 12 video scenes, and 2 giant orgy videos. He also takes on Alexi as his "Russian boyfriend".  Jeff doesn't mind, as Jeff begins what may become an ongoing tryst with "Mr. Stud," an attractive escort back home. Aaron agrees not to bring Alexi to the USA, and Jeff agrees to see Mr. Stud only when Aaron is away. Aaron also does a scene for Eric Magyar's Rentboy Orgy.
- Aaron releases Aaron's Adventures in Ukraine 1, his 26th amateur video. In Joey and Carlo's annual escort awards Aaron becomes the first (I think!) Inductee into their "Escort Hall of Fame." Aaron's Russian Boy Orgy receives a Best Amateur Video nomination for the 2002 Gay Entertainment Awards while Aaron picks up a nomination for Best Amateur Performer and Best Gay Author.
11/02 -
Aaron releases Aaron's Adventures in Ukraine 2. Aaron visits London for a week on a working vacation to photograph cute boys for the members area. Aaron is mentioned in an article in Time Out magazine.
Aaron's Adventures in Ukraine 2
- After eight months away from escorting, Aaron announces his return to the business. Aaron releases Aaron's Amateur Funfest 2. Aaron visits Russia for the third time to photograph young men. The trip has an incredibly busy pace of work, and would have been even busier except for an encounter with five thugs pretending to be Russian police. It costs Aaron over $1000 to get rid of them without trouble.
- Aaron visits Brazil to photograph boys for his website. The trip goes very well, except for a brief encounter with several thugs. Aaron returns home with 40 completed photo sets as well as two stitches on his face and a black eye. Aaron releases Aaron's Russian Boy Orgy 2
- Aaron's return to escorting is short-lived--he quietly announces his complete retirement from the industry. This decision is ironic in wake of Fab magazine in Canada running an article proclaiming Aaron to be the Bill Gates of hustlers. Aaron releases Aaron's Adventures in Russia 5. The members area of Aaron's site is upgraded to three updates per week.
- Aaron releases Aaron's Adventures in Russia 6.
- Aaron and his Russian sidekick, Alexi, meet up in the Eastern European country of Latvia for two weeks. They film another video and take pictures of 29 attractive young men. Aaron is relieved that there are no encounters with thieves in Riga.
Aaron sucking off Lubos in Bratislava, Slovakia
- Aaron releases Aaron's Adventures in Russia 7.
- Aaron releases Aaron's Adventures in Riga. Aaron zooms off to the Czech Republic and Slovakia to photograph and film more boys.
- Aaron releases Aaron's Amateur Funfest 3.
- Aaron releases Aaron's Adventures in Slovakia.
- Aaron releases Aaron's Bareback Orgy, his 36th and final amateur video.
- Aaron visits Argentina and photographs 20 or so hot models.
- Aaron begins behaving erratically, refusing to leave his home and answer his e-mail. After several weeks of this he implodes his entire business in one weekend. He terminates distribution of all of his videos and shuts down his members area.
2004 - 2006
- Aaron lives very quietly in seclusion emerging from his home perhaps once per month. He experiences periodic bursts of happiness during which he emerges into the outside world, but these periods never last for more than a few weeks.
Spring 2004
- Aaron builds GayGeek, a website dedicated to reviewing adult websites.
- Aaron begins seeking professional help for his isolationist behavior.
Aaron in Cambodia
- Aaron, in one of his happier moments, heads to Thailand and Cambodia on vacation. He has a wonderful time even though he is there alone. Aaron had invited his special friend Alexi to join him, but Alexi kept the money Aaron wired him instead of buying a plane ticket. This marks the end of Aaron's relationship with Alexi.
- Aaron is diagnosed with dythymic depression, a diagnosis which is eventually changed to major depression.
- Now on medication, a less erratic Aaron begins to emerge from his shell back into the world. He begins working out regularly at the gym again. He redesigns his website and makes the decision to return to escorting.
Late 2006 to Mid-2008
- Aaron recovers completely from his depression and focuses on developing GayGeek and other non-adult related projects.
- Aaron release Aaron's Adventures in the Czech Republic, his final video.
- Aaron revamps to accurately reflect his retired status from escorting and porn production. His sixteen-year relationship with Jeff is still going strong.
- Aaron and Jeff adopt a newborn baby boy. Aaron, still somewhat youthful looking (if no longer twinkish), reconciles himself that he is now a daddy (literally!).
- Aaron, now a stay-at-home father of a precocious one year old, accepts that his parenting duties prevent him from giving GayGeek the attention it needs. His work on GayGeek takes an ongoing hiatus.
- Aaron, now fully retired from the sex industry and almost 40 years old, has has little time to work on his list of projects. Chief among them is revising The Male Escort's Handbook and releasing a second edition.