Unpublished picture from Aaron's Inches magazine photo shoot

Aaron's Sexuality

Short of an in-person demonstration, reading my answers to these questions is the best way to learn about my approach to sex.

What turns you on?

A lot of things! Definitely a lot of cuddling and kissing. I also REALLY get into having my balls played with. I think cum is a lot of fun, too. If someone cums on my balls, I go wild.

I also love having guys sexually frustrate me. Like getting me all hot and bothered, but not letting me get off. When I was a teenager I'd have called it blueballs and said I hated it. But now I leave with a hugely erotic feeling, and wind up thinking about sex with the guy all day long.

Perhaps what excites me most is when my partner completely lets himself get into the sex, passionately writhing around, moaning, and generally having the time of his life. I don't mind servicing a someone while he quietly lays on his back, but I'd enjoy it more if he screamed in ecstasy.

I also enjoy group sex. Something about all those hands at once just gets me going!

Next question: What are your unfulfilled fantasies?