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After ten years in the business people have a lot to say about me. Most of these were taken from the now-defunct Male4Male Escort Review website, although others were gathered from e-mails I have received.

Review #11

I had been under a lot of stress from work and some health problems with my elderly parents, and just wanted to try something new, so I called Aaron after seeing his ad in the news groups. He sounded nice, and we arranged a time. I was impressed by his punctuality, and by his looks- he reminds me a lot of Dave Foley from The Kids in The Hall" show- a very cute, boyishly handsome man.

When he came in, looking like a fratboy, there was a little nervousness on my part, and we talked for a while, and I remember he said something like, "Tonight, I am your boyfriend", and that really set the tone. Everything was unhurried, very relaxed, and very loving. There was none of the "I am here for the money, and in one hour I'm outta here" about it. I was impressed by his little touches- in conversation he learned what types of things I liked to do, what I was comfortable with, even to the point of his wearing red striped boxer shorts (thought not his favorite) to enhance the "fratboy" look.

Aaron is delightful company, whether he is kissing and hugging you, rubbing his cock on your body, or just teasing you with those legs- and he has incredible eyes!

He also seemed to sense what you might want, and just went right ahead- no coyness at all. I only regret that I live more than an hour away from him presently. He makes you feel wonderful on several different levels, and I could strongly recommend him. If it is an act, he is very good at it, however I think that he is a kind man, who happens to be sexually talented.

Review #12

I just had about the best sexual experience in my life tonight, with a model/escort type I contacted through HX magazine, but who also has his own page on the web.

The kid was 5'5", brown hair/blue eyes, soft, childlike upper body but the lower body of a beautiful man; great legs and butt with beautiful wisps of hair, and a 8" dick that was about 2 1/4" wide.

His picture at his site does not do him justice, and he was cute as a button, as far as I'm concerned. I just loved his legs and his butt; masculine yet hairy; just perfect, I loved hugging and kissing his butt, it was the most beautiful butt and legs I'd seen in years.

We spent three hours together, mostly cuddling and kissing, but he gave me the best blowjob I ever had, by playing with the area right under the head of my dick and by taking me whole, and I also had one of the best fucks of my life. Best of all, the kid seemed to genuinely enjoy it, even after I told him he didn't have to fake it. He really enjoyed kissing and cuddling (my favorites), and I was surprised that he was so eager to French kiss, and it was great. He also seemed to really enjoy getting fucked, and it seemed like his reactions were genuine.

The kid's home page is www.aaronlawrence.com and like I said, his pic at that site does not do him justice. The kid was great, he was smart, he was fun, and I think it was the best sex I ever had in my life, pity me.

His name's Aaron, and if you want some fun from a good kid who is sensitive and loving, and if you live in the New Jersey area, give him a call.

Review #13

Aaron was very prompt in his arrival. I was very impressed with his friendliness, his cooperation, and the energy that he put into his time with me. I found his honesty refreshing. He was willing to go along with my requests although he is very safe and sane in all that he does. I liked talking to him. We laughed together and the time seemed to fly by. He was in no hurry to leave.

In arranging the appointment, we had to make several last minute changes. I found him to be very accepting of these changes and very gracious in the way that he handled himself. I found myself satisfied and relaxed in his presence. He is a great partner and escort. I don't think you will be disappointed.

Review #14

I just had the most exhilarating weekend with a fantastic person named Aaron and I highly recommend him. I am a 50 year-old closet case who's life was imploding with work-a-holism trying to hide from my own sexuality. I arranged a meeting with a few e-mail messages. While I was extremely nervous, we met and almost instantly hit it off. He is a highly intelligent and sensitive person who adapted to my needs and became a instant boyfriend without faking it. He talked a lot to set me at ease, then slowly got me to talk and act as a gay man. I have never met so beautiful, honest and open a man as Aaron, nor anyone so adaptable at meeting all the needs of his friends (clients). Trust what he has put in his site, its not a put on or a hustle. He is the genuine article and gets a five star rating from me! I'm already working on seeing him again and that says it all.

Review #15

Thanks Aaron for the time we spent together on Friday. It was a peak experience both in terms of companionship and in terms of physical pleasure. One thing, though: your photos don't do you justice. You are much cuter than the photos show, and it was a delight to spend the time with you. I don't need to review the ins and outs of what we did together, but as I said to you Friday, the sustained pleasure was almost Tantric!

Review #16

I just wanted to add my voice to the rave reviews on your Web site. Last night and this morning exceeded my expectations in every respect. As you know, having had a recently unforgettable experience with an escort, I was leery about this venture with you. Much to my surprise and delight within a few minutes of meeting you I knew that I wanted you to stay as long as possible. Your smile, your beautiful blue eyes, and your soft touch let me know that my sexual experience was going to be fantastic; your intelligence and wit made it an especially memorable time.

I truly believe that your humanism sets you apart from other people, to say nothing of setting you apart from other escorts. While I doubt that anyone back home will be asking me for a recommendation for a male escort in the NY/NJ area (though I suppose you never know!), you can be certain that I would recommend you as being the best without question. And you can also be certain that I will be arranging another trip to this area to see you again!

Review #17

There are not enough words in Webster's Dictionary that would do you justice in describing how wonderful you are. I didn't know there were any angels that flew that low to the ground. You made my night one which I will never forget. On my ride home I almost had a couple of car accidents because I couldn't get you out of my mind. When I woke up this morning I felt that I had to write this letter because even though we only met for the first time I feel that I knew you for years and that your were my steady lover. You know you always have a friend in me and that I will be a steady customer. If any one is contemplating dating you for the first time they should not hesitate to treat themselves to something that good. If I had any bit of heterosexuality left in me its gone forever. P.S. By the way you are definitely the Albert Einstein of your business.

Review #18

Aaron, first of all, every muscle in my body aches, including my tongue! What a wonderful feeling--it's the best kind of ache! I'm considering a short-term goatee--can't conceive of shaving near my lips right now!

You are an amazingly skilled person, and not just sexually. Your ability to communicate is exceptional, and you've got quite a brain, which more people should appreciate and value. You are interesting, interested, sensitive, and caring. I'm sure that few (if any) escorts are in your class. You define what an escort should be. Your pictures can't capture your beautiful eyes, your smile (which can be warm or impish!), or your profile when asleep.

The most heartfelt, sincere response I can make is this: I enjoyed and treasured every single minute we spent together; I'm very happy this is a chance that I took. Thank you for being you.

Review #19

Just wanted to say thank you for making last night really enjoyable. It was a pleasure to meet you and "explore" with you. I certainly "stretched" my abilities and appreciate your patience, coaching and your flexibility in staying as long as you did. Can't wait to tell my best friend all about it! I was right - I told him I would call you because you seemed down to earth - no attitude - friendly - good sense of humor, and into having a good time. I'm glad I didn't let my previous bad experience keep me from contacting someone again - and I'm glad that someone was you. I'll call you when I get back from Florida. Hopefully, I'll have some $$ left over and we can get together again. Take care Aaron, and keep in touch...

Review #20

I just wanted to say thanks, again, for coming over tonight. I had a great time. While your prices are definitely at the high end of the spectrum, you're everything you claim to be - professional, highly skilled, and very adept at sensing what will make your partner feel good. (Not to mention the fact that you're great looking, interesting to talk to, and a hell of a nice guy to spend a night with). I'd definitely like to get together with you again, but hopefully for a whole night.

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