Aaron and Brenden

Suggested Links

You may be interested in checking out these websites.

Porn-related sites

Amateur Model Video Connection - Specializing in amateur adult videos
ATKOL - A huge porn discussion forum
mannet.com - Website with much information about the porn industry

Sex-related favorites

cruisingforsex.com - The web's best guide to anonymous sex and cruising
JackinWorld - Masturbation information/education center
iTrick - Free software to keep track of your tricks (great for escorts, too)
Home Access - Test yourself for HIV in the privacy of your own home
Daddy's Reviews - Read and write reviews about male escorts

Personal favorites

Stephen-King.net - One of the best Stephen King fansites on the web
Games Workshop - Makers of Warhammer, one of my hobbies
Stiffs.com - A betting pool about celebrity deaths - quite morbid and funny
Trek Today - Catch the latest news on the Star Trek francaise
The One Ring - A great Lord of the Rings fansite