At varying times in my career I have tried my hand at writing. I penned Aaron's Advice, a sex advice column for a while. Most notable though, I have written two books on the subject of escorting.

Suburban Hustler: Stories of a Hi-Tech Callboy
Available on Alternately, I will be happy to mail you an autographed copy if you send or PayPal me $15. Drop me an e-mail if this interests you.

For years after I began escorting people were enthralled with stories of my experiences. My friends and clients kept telling me I needed to write a book about what it was like being a male escort. That idea eventually became Suburban Hustler, a collection of 24 short stories about my work.

All of the stories are extremely explicit, and although the book was not intended to be jackoff material it certainly could be used as that. As a matter of fact, Barnes & Nobles banned the book from their stores, citing its "inappropriate cover material and content".

Stories include:

- A sexual encounter with the law

- First time experience for a 19 year-old "straight" boy

- An assault at the hands of a professional hockey player

- An evening hustling at a gay bar in Florida

- A "pity fuck" that I'd rather forget

- An x-rated photo session with a client

- A hot encounter with a "daddy-boy" theme

... and 17 others.

The Male Escort's Handbook: Your Guide to Getting Rich the Hard Way
Although listed on, this book is now out-of-print. A used copy via can cost as much as $75. A more reasonably priced alternative is to mail or PayPal me $15, for which I will send you an autographed copy in the mail. It may be out-of-print, but I still have a few boxes of this book sitting in my closet. Drop me an e-mail if you are interested in this purchase option.

The Male Escort's Handbook is your guide to the exciting world of the modern sex industry. Whether you want to entertian one or one thousand clients, this book explains everything you need to know to become a successful escort, including:

- Making the big decision

- Print and online advertising

- Agencies and brothels

- Screening potentially dangerous clients

- Protecting your health

- Managing your money and paying taxes

- Legal risks and avoiding arrest

- Making the jump into adult videos

... and a whole lot more. This book was originally published in 2000 so it is a touch dated (particularly the chapter on Internet advertising), but 99% of the material is still applicable. I have been urged by my distributor to write a new edition of this book, so don't be surprised if one of these days I do so.