Aaron's London Boy Orgy

This is the third orgy I have filmed, and certainly one with its own unique flavor. Present are myself and six fun boys. If you have watched the other London videos then you have met several of them already. David with the big dick, JP from South Africa, shy young Josh, and always-horny Sharky are all back and ready for action. New to the video are Gareth, a 20 year-old insatiable blond bottom, and Zaque, a practical joker who also loves being fucked.

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The Orgy

Unlike Aaron's Russian Boy Orgy where the boys tended to pair-up between them, this orgy has an amazing amount of partner swapping. It would be hard for me to say who was the biggest slut in the orgy. Perhaps not Josh because he is a shy voyeur at heart tends to quietly stay on the outside of the group playing with one guy at a time. Any of the other boys (myself included) might be candidates as well. Everyone was really climbing all over each other.

Of the entire video, I'd have to say my personal favorite highlight is near the end. Gareth was fucking me pretty intensely and I was paying attention to him. The other five were playing to my left. I turned my head at one point and found them all looking at me. I wasn't sure why they had stopped having sex, when I was told they had all just cum. I was amazed that they had cum so fast, and was worried the camera might not have done a good job at filming it all. It turned out to be amazing footage though, and if you watch this video you will see five cum shots over the span of thirty seconds. All over one boy, I might add.