Aaron Jacks Off

Aaron Jacks Off is my first attempt at an amateur video. Not a bad one either for 1997, a time when half the producers in business today hadn't even considered picking up a camera. At first I tried to jack off in the traditional porn style where the viewer does not acknowledge the camera. That just didn't work for me, so I did the remaining scenes in a format where I'm talking to the camera and telling stories about myself and my sex life. That got me really excited and it shows on the film.

The video was originally released with four scenes, but it wasn't very long so when I re-released it a few years later I added a new scene.

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Aaron in the Shower

In this first scene I try to be a bit more "traditional" about the camera. I welcome the audience, but then ignore the camera as I hop into the shower. The scene is designed to be specifically voyeuristic, as if the camera is peeking in while I'm unaware of what's going on.

Aaron in the Bedroom

I started out a bit shy in this scene but soon warmed up to the idea of showing off my body to the camera. I spend a while talking about the many men I played with when I was first coming out. As one reviewer put it, by the time I blew my load I was "practically frantic about (my) visual and verbal exhibitionism".

Aaron on a Bulldozer

I decided I wanted to do a scene in an unusual place. There was a construction site not too far from where I lived, so I snuck there on a Sunday afternoon to beat off on top of a bulldozer. Like in the last scene, I talked more about my earlier sexual experiences before I blew a big load.

Aaron Outdoors

This scene takes place on top of a cliff. A reviewer of this video wondered if the construction crew might come exploring to see who left the load on their bulldozer. It is a fun scene though and, as all my jackoff scenes do, ends in a terrific climax.

Aaron in the Classroom

This final scene was filmed several years after the last scene. In this scene I am dressed up in the schoolboy outfit I wore in my Freshmen magazine shoot. I talk a lot about what it's like doing a magazine photo shoot as I strip down and jack off. I eventually pull out one of my dildos and give myself a workout with it.