Aaron's Casting Couch

One reviewer summed up this video as such: "Aaron's back and Aaron's BLOND! Yikes, I'm not ready for a blond Aaron, but we'll just make the best of it. After 18 months of working on books and professional videos, and even getting 'married,' Aaron is back in front of and behind the camera in his fifth (and quite possibly his best) amateur video...Aaron's Casting Couch."

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Aaron and Gabriel

This ruggedly handsome hunk has a sexy Isreali accent and a big kosher salami. I wasted no time in getting my meat deep into Gabriel's throat and then helping myself to a hefty helping of his juicy cock. I worked Gab's balls with his my tongue and sent him screaming in fits of joy.

After admiring his butthole up close and personal during a 69 session, I put a rubbre on my dick, lubed up his hole and slid my slender cock deep into his butt. We were both very vocal while we fucked in position after positioned.

Aaron wants some of Gabriel's thick cock up his butt so they swap places and Aaron gets his legs in the air, but he has to have Gabriel go slow because he's so thick. Everything finally fits though and the fuck energetically until Aaron is fucked right off the bed. Aaron cums in a big gush all over Gabriel's face and Gabriel shoots off while Aaron is munching on his balls.

Aaron and Gage

This cute young thing is only 18 years old and still in High School, but he wants to see what all the gay action is all about. He's done oral sex once or twice but nothing more. Gage and I began with some serious kissing before we stripped our clothes off and got at it hot and heavy.

Aaron and Sean

The last time 22 year-old Sean had sex was two months ago (a good looking guy fucked him doggy-style) so he was horny, nervous, and ready to fuck! Sean and I started with some kissing but pulled our clothes off fast. Sean's Taz boxers can't hold back his rock hard cock or keep my wandering hands from caressing his smooth tight butt.

Sean pulled out my dick first and swallowed it deep. Sean is a serious cockhound -- before the filming began he was even sucking off the cameraman. I got my chance at Sean's cock too and showed him what a great blow job is all about. We spent a while in a very hot 69 before we began the fucking.

Sean's ass was seriously hot to be fucked, but I worked three three fingers into his hole anyway to get him good and loose. I put on a condom then gave to him. I sucked and fucked him simultaneously and he went crazy. He blew his load all over my face and chest while bouncing up and down on my dick. I then jacked myself off all over Sean's face while he licked my balls.

Aaron, Sean, and Kurt

One video scene wasn't enough for Sean, so I invited over 24 year-old Kurt. Dark-haired and very sexy, he joined us for a threeway romp in my bedroom. The shirts came off and Sean wasted no time going for my dick while licked Kurt's sensitive nipples. Sean and I team up for a while to suck Kurt's balls and cock at the same time. Sean finally gets my dick cock in his mouth and jerks Kurt while Kurt and Aaron kiss.

Kurt starts to really have fun when he gets both Sean and my cocks into his mouth at the same time. All of a sudden the action shifted as the cameraman had his cock sucked by Sean and Kurt while I filmed. I couldn't stay out of the auction for long so I quickly handed the camera back and bottomed for Sean as I blew Kurt.

The threeway turned into fourway as the cameraman puts the camcorder on a tripod and puts his cock up Sean's ass, who is still fucking me. The action changes again as Sean takes a double fuck from Aaron and the cameraman, meaning two dicks inside Sean's ass at the same time. Kurt pops back into action as Sean sucks his cock while getting double fucked. Orgasms and fun abound.