Aaron's Boys Tell All 2

Aaron's Boys Tell All 2 is my return into video production after Aaron's Hot Tub Party, a video I had high hopes for but has always been something of an embarassment to me. I was scared off from doing hardcore sex, so I returned to my previous theme of guys jacking off while getting a little help from myself or others. It went well, and boosted up my confidence so I was able to return to hardcore videos in Aaron's Casting Couch.

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I cruised...er...met Randy at a pool party where the hot tub wasn't the only thing making the guys sweat. I handed Randy a business card for modeling and the next morning, a hung over Randy, who could not remember where the card had come from, called Aaron to see what was what. Randy was very interested and now we can all see what was what.


This cute young thing found me on the internet and made a trip to New Jersey to be a porn star. He looks a lot younger than his 24 years and his puppy-dog eyes will have you scooping him into your arms for cuddling and kisses. When he needs a bit of masturbatory assistance I immediately jumped in to help, as did Rob (who was waiting his turn to be filmed for the next scene).


Rob made a cameo appearance in Tommy's session, but now he's here for his own "tell all" session. Rob tells us that he did one other porn tape and had fun but he's too shy to go into the details except to say he enjoyed it. He's mostly been a bottom but he wants to top and I think he has his eyes on Tommy's bottom to practice on.


He's no stranger to porn either. He did a four way on video once where sucked and got sucked and fucked and got fucked. Then he tells us about his 18 year-old red-headed Irish boyfriend who loves to get fucked. The guy sounded hot enough that it made me wonder what the hell he's doing here jerking off when he could be home getting a piece of 18yo ass. Hmmm.