Aaron's Boys Tell All

Aaron's Boys Tell All is second video, and my first movie to include other actors. I actually filmed seven guys for this video. Two were immediately tossed to the cutting root floor as bad scenes. A fifth (Joey) was on the intial release of this movie, but the movie was on a non-standard length VHS tape (160 minutes vs. the typical 120). When it came time to master this onto DVD, I had to either lose a scene or encode the movie in poor resolution. I elected to toss a scene, and so here are the four remaining ones.

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The first young thing guy is Sean, a single gay 20 year-old college student. He's an internet exhibitionist and loves to get fucked. I was drawn to Sean's long thick cock and couldn't hold back from stealing a taste of his precum.


This 19 year-old stud divides his time between waiting tables, going to school, and cruising the internet for sex. He tells about traveling to Florida at a tender age to get fucked by a 24 year old, as well as some other fun stories. His fantasy is being gangbanged. Interested?


Here's a husky farm boy who's horny all the time. Nick is 24 years old and likes to be a top man, plowing the tight asses of military guys and married men. Smooth guys also turn him on and I definitely got in a few strokes on Nick's powerful cock.


My last model was a 22 year-old dedicated bottom. He dreams of a three way where he's getting fucked from both ends while he's on his hands and knees. His boyish good looks got me hard and I eagerly jumped in to fingerfuck his willing ass.