Aaron's Bareback Orgy

Aaron's Bareback Orgy is Aaron's first no-condom video. The movie opens with a 70+ minute orgy betwewen Aaron and five of his friends. Everyone gets it on in a video that focuses heavily on footage of fucking. Fans of big-dicked sex will love the second sene on the video, in which Seth penetrates and fucks Peter. Peter is an experienced bottom but nothing he has done prepared him for the feeling of being split into two by Seth's big dick. The entire movie contains lots of bareback fucking (naturally!), felching, and both external and internal cum shots.

Please note that all actors, myself included, were tested for HIV prior to the shoot.

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The Orgy

The orgy features six hot guys: Aaron (if I do say so myself), Seth, Brenden, Randy #2, Jacob, and Tommy. There's a ton of partner swapping, tons of fucking, and absolutely no condoms.

Seth and Peter

When the orgy was complete, I realized I didn't have quite enough footage to make a full video out of it. Seth and Peter were hot for each other, so the next day I filmed the two of them in a 1-on-1 fuck session. It worked out great and with one of the hottest internal cumshots that I have ever seen. (Look in the bottom picture and you can see it sliding back out).