Aaron's Adventures in Ukraine 2

Aaron's Adventures in Ukraine 1 is the first video I filmed in Ukraine. After the success I had in Russia last year, I naturally assumed Ukraine would be just as wild. Right? Wrong. I found the Ukrainian people to be more conservative and, to be blunt, less willing to do anything for money. Whereas Russian boys usually used their real names and almost never asked if the video would be available in Russia, Ukrainians were considerably more protective of their privacy. Don't take this to mean that the video isn't hot. It took more searching than normal and I filmed less than I otherwise might, but the overall results are well worth watching. When they finally get into bed Ukrainians are just as fun as Russian boys are... if not even more so.

Ukrainians are attractive, sexual, and have a professional attitude when it comes to porn. Like most Eastern Europeans though, they tend to be a little unsure of just what they're supposed to be doing in a movie (they watch much less porn as Westerners, after all) so they often need someone to help draw a performance out of them. Fortunately doing so is always worthwhile, and Alex and I were most definitely up to the task.

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Alex #2, Artur, and Nik

One of the natural areas in which Alex and I work together well is in selecting which guys we have sex with. I favor a more boyish type of guy than Alex does, and so when we're filming movies abroad we can easily divvy up the studs between us. Some, like the mature looking 23 year-old Nik are natural draws for Alex. Others, like Alexi #3 (found in scenes two and four) always get me hot. Still others, like 20 year-old pig-bottom Artur, are of interest to both of us. If a guy doesn't interest either of us then he isn't right to be cast in an Aaron video. Having been fucked repeatedly by my three Sasha's (see the previous video for the story here) I needed a day off from sex. So I specifically scheduled a three-way scene to keep Alex occupied and the video project continuing while my poor butt recovered (which it didn't, as I couldn't resist having the unfilmed Sasha over to visit one last night before Alexi arrived, as well as giving into another offer from Artur that you'll read about in a moment).

Alex, Artur, and Nik naturally formed a great team. Alex is a dedicated top, Artur is a pig-bottom who loves being fucked, and Nik is a bisexual stud who loves being serviced (but will do the servicing if he gets hot enough). The combinations are obvious yet highly enjoyable in spite of their predictability. Alex fucks Artur, Nik fucks Artur, and Alex and Artur jointly service Nik. There's lots more, of course, as Nik isn't a gay-for-pay guy that refuses to do any of the "work", and Alex wasn't about to let Artur's hot cock get away from him. Overall though this scene has the atmosphere of intensely charged sex about it, and I think you'll agree that you can almost smell the raw testosterone through your computer.

There's a humorous little side story on this whole scene. Alex and I hired Nik and Artur from a local escort agency in Kiev. Rather than hiring them for sex, we hired them for an hour so we could proposition them with appearing in our films. Both wanted to think on the matter overnight, although it was fairly evident we had them safely recruited. When it came time to leave, Artur was confused because he thought he was spending the night with me. I explained that I had only brought him over for an hour, to which he appeared quite disappointed as he made for the door. Seems this was his first day on the job as an escort and he was really looking forward to getting fucked. It wasn't for my own Sasha coming over later that day I most certainly would have obliged.

Oh, another side story. Following the scene Nik left to go bring back his ID from his apartment. Alex hopped in the shower, leaving Artur and I alone on the bed. Although he had already blown his load as part of a video scene Artur was horny enough that he kicked back his legs and asked me to fuck him. Never one to say no, I immediately climbed on top and fucked him until I blew a load inside him. Fun! By the time Sasha arrived that night I was already a little worn out on sex. Fortunately (or unfortunately for my poor butt!) Sasha was in the mood to play top, and promptly fucked me for what seemed like all night long.

Aaron, Artur, and Alexi #3

The next morning Alexi #3 arrived at the Kiev train station. You may remember him from Aaron's Adventures in Russia 3. It was wonderful to see him, especially because filming had been so slow (only five scenes in two weeks) and I was in need of new recruits for my videos. As my arrangement to bring Alexi to Ukraine involved him appearing in two scenes, he immediately asked what was on tap for the day. And boy did we have something fun planned. I had arranged for Artur to drop by early that evening for a little three-way fun. I knew Alexi wasn't quite Artur's type, but I also knew that Alexi has quite the piece of meat between his legs. One glance at the size of his tool and I have no doubt that Artur would be throwing his legs in the air. Actually I had originally intended to let Alexi and Artur do the scene between them, but Artur was a bit wild and too energetic for little Alexi. Not sure if he was just excited about the scene or if he had been drinking a bit, but I think it was the latter. For some reason guys in other countries believe that alcohol will make their scene go easier, when in fact it does just the opposite. My prediction did not disappoint.

We began the scene with some kissing and sucking to get the juices flowing, but quickly went into "fuck mode". I fucked Artur to open him up for Alexi's thicker dick. Alexi then went to town, fucking Artur quite nicely until he was ready for something a bit more exotic. At that point I suggested that Alexi and I double-fuck him. Artur was confused at the suggestion, but was willing to try anything that involved him being fucked deeply. And so Alexi lay on his back while Artur sat down and faced Alexi. I fucked Artur from the back, but the position didn't work to well. Turning Artur around proved to be just what we needed, and when he lay with his back on Alexi's stomach (almost smothering poor Alexi--I asked if he was all right at one point and received a muffled little "I okay!" from underneath Artur). In the new position I could really penetrate Artur well, and the camera could get in for some very hot views of the action. If you like the double-fuck sequence from in Aaron's Casting Couch then you're going to love this one. Artur was a real moaner and boy did he become loud!

Alex #2 & Nik

Following my three-way with Artur I filmed a duo between Nik and Alex (members section pictures). This scene is notable for two reasons. First, Alex and Nik were hot for each other and wanted to have sex without a third. Second, Alex and Nik were both tops, and neither was willing to bottom for each other. Together these reasons made for a rather amusing casting, with both wishing each other would stop posing and play bottom. Well, neither of them ever did (although Alex did finger Nik for a while). I didn't think they would, but I filmed them anyway because I knew their chemistry would make for a very hot oral scene. Sure enough it did, and if my memory serves me correctly Nik blew a very nice load on Alex's face at the end. Yummy!

Aaron & Alexi #3

Just as Nik and Alex wanted to pair up, so did Alexi and I. Having played with Alexi (members section pictures) in Aaron's Russian Boy Orgy and the previous three-way with Artur, I would have deferred to any other cute guy that could have filmed with Alexi. That never quite happened though, as our side trip to Crimea was a dismal failure as far as recruiting boys go (although a wonderful success as far as enjoying a nice vacation). The pairing between Alexi and I turned out to be quite opposite of that between Nik and Alex. They were intent on each other on a physical level, which was the same with us. But while Alex and Nik's scene was just sex, with Alexi and I it was more like lovemaking. I'll 'fess up here: On the Aaron's Russian Boy Orgy trip I spent the night final in bed with Alexi (Vidkid Timo spent it with Andrey). It was a wonderful experience, and I fell head over heels for him. I wasn't able to see him for another year until the Ukraine trip, and boy was I looking forward to being with him. Unbeknownst to me, Alexi felt much the same way about me. And so began our little ''relationship'' (of which you'll learn more when my second trip's worth of Russian videos is released).

Alexi and I made love several times in Ukraine, the most enjoyable of which was recorded on camera for you. In this scene I fucked Alexi briefly, but as he had never topped me on film we felt it was appropriate that he be given the chance to do so. And boy did he! He joked that he was going to fuck me in ten positions, and so he gradually fucked me in position after position as he worked his way toward that goal and turned my ass into mincemeat (a most enjoyable experience - next time you're in Russia I highly recommend you give Alexi's escorting services a try). Our lovemaking continued until we blew our loads and fell into each others' arms. It was a very wonderful, loving experience, and the first time I have ever made love (as opposed to having sex) on video. As they say in Russian, it was "slotka," meaning sweet.

Bonus footage: Alexi's Big Adventure

I included several minutes of Alexi and I hanging out in Yalta in Southern Ukraine (along the Black Sea). If you're curious how Alexi stole my heart and became my special boy, this footage will explain it all to you. If you like twinks like I do, he'll probably steal yours as well.