Aaron's Adventures in Ukraine 1

Aaron's Adventures in Ukraine 1 is the first video I filmed in Ukraine. After the success I had in Russia last year, I naturally assumed Ukraine would be just as wild. Right? Wrong. I found the Ukrainian people to be more conservative and, to be blunt, less willing to do anything for money. Whereas Russian boys usually used their real names and almost never asked if the video would be available in Russia, Ukrainians were considerably more protective of their privacy. Don't take this to mean that the video isn't hot. It took more searching than normal and I filmed less than I otherwise might, but the overall results are well worth watching. When they finally get into bed Ukrainians are just as fun as Russian boys are... if not even more so.

Ukrainians are attractive, sexual, and have a professional attitude when it comes to porn. Like most Eastern Europeans though, they tend to be a little unsure of just what they're supposed to be doing in a movie (they watch much less porn as Westerners, after all) so they often need someone to help draw a performance out of them. Fortunately doing so is always worthwhile, and Alex and I were most definitely up to the task.

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Aaron, Alex, and Alexi #2

Okay, I confess. I cheated a little. I invited two of my favorite Russian boys to visit during my filming with the intention of each appearing in a different movie. Well, Alexi #2 arrived in Ukraine just before I did, and boy was I glad to see him. He was as sexy as always with his dark eyes, sexy smile, and tight body. (Need I mention his beautiful ass as well?) Knowing that I have already had sex with him in two three-way scenes as well (one of which turned more into a 1-on-1 scene), I didn't want to spend an entire scene having sex with him myself. So I brought Alex #2 into the scene, with the two of us exchanging camera duties while the other played with our star boytoy. We kissed, sucked, fucked, and in general had a great time. All three of us came in the end, but I made a point of blowing my load all over Alexi's face. A perfect end to a very enjoyable scene.

Alex #2 & Anri

Shortly after we arrived in Ukraine Alex met up with a boy in the M Club, the local gay hangout. Anri was a bit of a hustler who wandered around Eastern Europe generally doing his own thing. Precisely where he is from was something we never quite figured out--his English skills were very limited, and his story seemed to change from day to day. Keeping in mind that Alex's dark skin is fairly exotic in Eastern Europe, Anri was immediately taken with Alex. (Can you blame him?) He spent the next week following Alex around like a puppy dog. Their brief "relationship" did not last for the entire trip, but did last long enough for me to record them in a scene on film. As you might expect from a scene with a dedicated top and a predominant bottom, Alex takes the dominant role and fucks Anri silly. My favorite moment: Alex jacking Anri's dick until he shoots a deliciously large load of cum.

Aaron and Sasha #2

At this point in the trip we were having a tough time finding models, so I turned to Anri's knowledge of the local stud population. Sitting together in a bar I pointed out the better looking guys one by one, and had Anri give me the lowdown on their availability. Most never reached the front of my camera, but this young stud did. His escort name was Sasha, and so he became the second Sasha to grace the my videos.

Sasha indicated he was a top, but when we me I quickly realized that he wasn't going to be topping me. Like many foreign boys that I filmed, it didn't occur to him that sex on video was more difficult than sex in real life. And so he went out and did his usual thing the day before by having sex twice. As a result he had a tough time getting hard on film. He became hard when I sucked his dick, but couldn't maintain it well enough to fuck me with a condom on. And so this scene became an oral one. A rather good oral one I must say though. We sucked each other in several positions until I finally half-sucked and half-jacked a nice load out of him. Not being able to cum from oral sex myself, I then jacked a load of my own all over myself while he licked my balls (something I absolutely adore).

Aaron and Sasha #3

Just as my Russian trip had "Alexi overload" with four Alexi's being filmed, this trip suffered from Sasha's galore. Besides Sasha #2, I spent several nights in bed with another cute Sasha. Alas, that Sasha didn't have any ID, so I wasn't able to film him. I wanted a change one night, so I hired another escort to come stay with me (who turned out to be nicknamed Sasha, of course). He turned out to be very hot, so during the evening I asked him to come back and film a scene with me. He agreed, and so here he is making his porn debut.

What makes this scene amusing is that Sasha is a major bottom, but for some reason his butt was hurting (our night together, perhaps?) so he asked to play top. I shuddered at the size of his dick (the other Sasha who had been banging me had a big'un too), but agreed. Sasha turned out to be a surprisingly fun top, and in spite of his slightly effeminate personality he did a nice job pinning my ass to the bed with his cock. And like every other scene in this movie (it was a lucky week!), he blew a very respectable load for the camera in the end.

By the way, all this fucking turned out to be something of an erotic mistake. At first I am fucked several nights in a row by the big-dicked escort Sasha. Then Sasha #3 and his power tool fucks me on film. When Alexi #3 arrived in Ukraine for his appearance in the movie, he immediately wanted to fuck me as well. By the end of the trip I could barely sit down.