Aaron's Adventures in Thailand 1

Always in search of sexual decadence, my latest trip found me happily filming in Thailand. I ran into a lot of interesting cultural differences, not the least of which is that Thai guys are extremely shy around each other. They may show off everything (and I mean everything!) in the go-go bars, but when it comes to appearing on video it was extremely difficult to get them to perform with each other. Whenever I asked two Thai guys to do a scene with each other, their answer was the same: they didn't want to do that, but they'd be happy to do a scene with me. Complicating matters further, Timo declared right before the trip that he wanted to be monogamous with his new boyfriend. The result? I was beginning a filming trip in which I was going to have to appear in every scene. I shuddered with excitement at having that much sex (and becoming that sexually exhausted...)

Another interesting quirk about Thai boys and porn is that while they are extremely easy to recruit (even easier than the Russian boys if such a thing is possible), they are very unprepared once they get there. Many of the Thai boys had a slightly wide-eyed look on their face during the filming. Often I had to take breaks to teach them the basics of porn (ie; you can't just lie there, you have to suck dick, etc.) Unlike here in the States, the Thai rentboy community simply does not include a basic working knowledge of what you do on a porn tape. The result of this is that the boys came out of their shell to a greater or lesser degree, although I usually had to coax it out of them. Meaning I spend a lot of time servicing them. Sometimes that's how a scene remains, and sometimes they get into being an equal sexual partner. On a few occasions the boy even took charge and made me do what he wanted! I never knew what to expect each time a new shy model knocked on the door.

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Aaron and Sea

On most of my trips I have found that the quality of the models goes up at time goes on. I learn a bit more about working with models from the culture, I discover better recruitment methods, and when a large supply of models is found I raise my standards to appear in my films. Sea is an exception to this trend though. I found him quickly after I started recruiting, and found him to be a skilled sexual partner, a fun model, and an all-around nice guy. Had I met him at the end of the trip I would still have cast him for a scene.

The sex itself was fun and right on par for my videos. We kiss, we suck each other, and we fuck each other like rabbits. Sea requested to use a condom for oral sex, and this being my first scene in a new place I agreed. I had no idea if that would turn out to be the standard or not. (It didn't - the other boys happily agreed not to use condoms for oral sex, and this is the only scene that is safe in that respect). He didn't mind me sucking him without a condom though, so when I edited the scene I focused a little more on me sucking him than vice-versa. Either way, the scene ends with him throwing me a great fuck and blowing a really nice load.

Aaron and Wood

Wood is darker and more "exotic" looking than many of the models in my videos. I specifically wanted at least a few boys like that in my videos, so I recruited him quickly when I first noticed him. Not knowing that Thai boys weren't knowledgeable on what goes on in a porn movie, I neglected to talk with him about what he would be expected to do in the video. As a result, I didn't know that he was one of those escorts with more of a "I'll lay here while you service me" approach to sex. The lesson was learned that I would need to discuss sexual acts with future models before I agree to film them, but in the meantime I had a scene on my hands in which I'd be doing all the work.

Fortunately, I like scenes like that from time to time. There's not a man alive who doesn't like laying his partner back and servicing him (or her if the guy is straight) from head to toe. So that's exactly what I did here. I let this gay-for-pay boy enjoy himself while I ate out his ass and sucked him off. I'm rather glad I did too. He had a great body and a very sweet tasting load.

Aaron, Black, and Frank

About this time I decided it was time for a threeway. So I dropped into one of the go-go bars and looked for an attractive guy for my videos. I met Black, who was hot, had a great body, and an outgoing personality. I asked him to appear in a threeway scene and he agreed. He suggested we use a friend of his at a different bar, so we went off and picked up Frank for the scene. Black did all of the talking to Frank, so I'm not certain what was said.

What I do know is that when we returned to the hotel, the scene took on some rather unusual dynamics. At first the two expected to lie there while I do the work, but they changed their approach when I stopped the film and explained that wasn't going to be the way it worked. From that point on Black took charge. He started ordering Frank into all sorts of positions, telling his younger friend to suck him or suck me. As the scene went on, I realized two of them had an unusual sort of sexual relationship going on before I met them. They'd get together and Frank would service Black. It was more of a "daddy-bitch" sorta scene they had going on than anything else. Black gave the orders, and Frank took them without questioning.

The upside of this is that it made for a really hot scene when Black started fucking Frank. He did it hard, it obviously hurt Frank, and yet Frank's dick went rock hard and he loved every moment of it. The downside was that I had accidently walked into the middle of their unusual dynamics, and Frank wasn't terribly thrilled with my being there. The end result of the scene was that some great sex was had. It wasn't mentally rewarding to me and I definitely think the are whacked. In retrospect I wish I had cast them in a 1-on-1 (it would have sizzled), as the rest of the trip was to prove that getting Thai boys to bang each other was very difficult. Still, this scene has some really hot moments. Especially if you like dominant fuck scenes.

Aaron and Art

After servicing Wood and getting in the middle of the Black/Frank scene, I gleefully cast Art to appear in my video. I met him in a massage parlor where he was the most boyish looking guy there. (I have his ID on file and he's 18, never fear!). Of all the models I filmed, Art most of all had the "wide-eyed" look that personified so many Thai boys. He was in such awe of the whole situation that he was unable to speak much of the time. He didn't want to be interviewed at the beginning of the scene, and could barely speak whenever we took a break. He never laughed or showed emotion, other than his look of wonderment anticipation. And pleasure, of course. Lots of pleasure.

Playing with Art in the scene was a wonder. He was small, timid, gentle, and I felt I had to be careful with him or he would break. He responded with timid acceptance to every move we made together, and never once asked me to slow down or hold back. In return I treated him with kindness and gentleness, but also with creativity and passion. At one point I picked him up in the air and we 69'ed. Him with his face down on my dick while I sucked him. I even ate out his ass a little bit while I completely held him off the ground. Looks closely on the video and you'll see the look that he gives me when I put him back down. Wide-eyed amazement, timidity, and unconditional acceptance. If I didn't know better I would almost think he was a virgin.

When the time came to fuck I decided not to try to fuck him. He was too small, and I was worried I would hurt him. I put a condom on him instead and guided him inside me. He smiled and the spent the next fifteen minutes grinding into my ass in several positions. Wonderfully enjoyable, I declare! The scene ends with our cumshots. I think Art was a little overwhelmed at the whole experience, so he took quite a while to cum. I started beating off, and eventually blew a load right on his angelic little face. I used my dick at first, and then my fingers to slide the cum into his mouth. He licked every drop I fed him, and moments later his own cock erupted with liquid spasms of pleasure. From my perspective this ranks as one of the greatest moments ever in an Aaron video.

Bonus footage: I interviewed one of the boys on camera about some aspects of the Thai language. Most of it was too boring to even consider showing to any but a horny linguist, but some of it came out pretty well. In particular, a brief section on Thai toungue twisters and swear words. It's worth a few laughs, so I included it at the tail end of the video.

Bonus footage: I love filming abroad, but I think it's also important for people to understand that the countries in which I film have a rich cultural background that is very different from my own. So I always like to film a few cultural highlights, done "Aaron style." I then tack them on to the end of a tape as a form of bonus footage. In that way people learn to appreciate the country for more than its boys. And they gain a greater understanding in just who the boys are and where they come from. For as fun and sexual as Thai boys are, they are more than just sex machines. In this particular section, Krit, Ken, Timo, and I all visit the Grand Palace in Bangkok. It's buildings were unlike anything I had ever seen in my website. The video shows them in great detail, although I'm afraid my still pictures can't even begin to do it justice.