Aaron's American Tour #2

I am pleased to announce the release of Aaron's American Tour #2. It was filmed entirely in the city of New Orleans during my book tour to promote The Male Escort's Handbook.

Viewers may be amused to know too that all four scenes occur in the bed of Vidkid Timo, amateur porn producer extraordinaire. As a matter of fact, Timo appears in the third scene on the tape. He lost a bet to me, you see, and as a result he agreed to bottom for me on film. An act that is made all the more fun considering Timo is a strict top. Timo was also courteous enough to provide several of his models from his other films for my filming (and sexual) pleasure.

This is also the first of my movies that used a computer to edit the footage, and the last to use an analog camera.

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Aaron and Lee

The first scene on the tape features myself having sex with Lee, a 19 year-old twink escort in New Orleans. Those of you who are familiar with Timo's tapes may recognize him as Chad Ward. He's very cute and very sexual, and a complete and total bottom. At first a touch reserved from me, he quickly gives into his own erotic desires as we begin having very hot sex. Kissing, sucking, and lots and lots of fucking. I give it to him very hard while he repeatedly moans into the camera. At the end of the scene the two of us jack off together, and even manage to have almost simultaneous cum shots (just a couple of seconds apart). Fun!

Aaron and Alex

The second scene features myself banging another Vidkid Timo discovery, Alex Leider. Alex is a cute brunette in his mid-twenties (can't remember how old he is). Although not quite as twinky as Lee, Alex more than makes up for it with his sheer sexual ferocity. Contrary to what I thought was possible, this boy wanted to be fucked even more than Lee did! He's a real moaner too, and is a very aggressive bottom. The two of us go at it in several positions before we finally blow our loads.

Aaron and Vidkid Timo

The third scene is possibly one of the most fun and unique scenes I have ever shot. Vidkid Timo, producer of over thirty porn videos and a total top, finally pays his debts and bottoms for me. Obviously Timo has a difficult time getting into it as much as the two other bottoms do. He keeps a strong sense of humor about it though, and takes my dick quite well. We kiss, suck, fuck, and generally get into all sorts of sexual mischief while keeping a light sense of humor about the scene. This scene is especially fun because Timo came twice in it.

Never one to be called unsportsmanlike, Timo takes a break at the end before he blows a second load for the camera. What made the scene even more intense was the presence of two cameramen. "Two cameramen," you ask? Yes! Timo and I both arranged to have cameramen (the very sexy boys Nathan and Cameron) film the scene. One camera took footage that I wanted for my tape, and the other did what Timo wanted. In that way we will both release the scenes as part of our own porn tapes, but the scenes will be entirely unique sets of footage.

Timo's footage of this camera can be found on his video, PC31: Never Say Never.

Aaron, Nathen, Cameron, and Vidkid Timo

After our scene together, Vidkid Timo and I stepped behind the camera so Nathen and Cameron could go at it. We originally intended the scene to be the two of them with each other, but Timo and I couldn't resist joining in from time to time. The two begin naked (as do most of the boys in this video!) and waste no time jumping at each other. They are lovers in real life, and their feelings for each other show as they tenderly and passionately kiss and suck each other. As a matter of fact, when Nathan finally begins to fuck Cameron, they elect not to use condoms between them. This makes their scene the first bareback scene in any of my Aaron videos.

As I said, later in the filming, Timo and I helped out a bit. Mostly me - Nathan invited me in to help double-fuck Cameron. We did and it was a lot of fun. He didn't take it for very long, but when he did he really got into it. The scene was super-hot though, and after both boys came all over each other Timo stood above them and jacked off for a third time. All in all, a totally fun video.