Aaron's Adventures in Slovakia

Aaron's Adventures in Slovakia is Aaron's exploration of a new country: Slovakia. Not as large as Moscow and not as uninhibited as Prague, the city of Bratislava tastefully understates the talent that lies within. Starring six new discovers, Aaron features them sucking and fucking in what is without a doubt one of the oddest hotels in the world, the Hotel Spirit. (For a good laugh, click on that link and take a look at the building). Both the hotel and the boys are beautiful to behold. And as you might expect in such an exotic locale, they express a raw enjoyment of sex rivaling the gay communities in even the largest of cities.

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Robo and Yago

Robo and Yago were my first discoveries. As with all five of the scenes, it was very hot in our air condition-less hotel room. This turned out to be an advantage in all five scenes though, as the boys stripped off their clothes as fast as they could. This led them right into the action that Robo and Yago so wonderfully demonstrate. Yago is a bottom that ocasionally tops. Robo is much the same but slightly more toppish, so Robo naturally assumed the dominant role between the two. Yago had no complaint though, and the looks on his face as Robo fucks him make it clear in no uncertain terms that he absolutely loved it.

Miso and Palo

Miso and Palo are perhaps one of the best contrasted couples ever paired together in an Aaron video. Miso is highly outgoing and has a face that is always lit up with a smile. Palo is a bit more shy. Miso is very fair while Palo's brown hair gives him a darer look. Miso is a strict top that won't let a dick anywhere near his ass, while Palo is mostly plays bottom. The two naturally gravitated into their contrary roles as the scene progressed. Yet for all their differences the two acted like good friends in the scene, always quick with a smile or a helping hand (or mouth).

Robo and Milan

Milan drove me wild during the visit. He was our guide and translator in Bratislava. As such I didn't feel appropriate hitting on him all the time. Sexual harassment can exist within the porn community, and I wanted him to feel free to be himself. Although the two of us did wind up in bed at the end of the trip, I wasn't sure if this was going to happen or not. Toward that end, I cast Milan in a video scene with Robo. Knowing that Robo would bottom for him, I spend the entire scene fantasizing that was me with my legs in the air. Transferring my fantasy onto their pairing worked like a charm, and I was able to keep my sexual desires for Milan under wraps until our night together at the end of the trip.

Palo and Juro

One day near the end of the trip I found myself unable to cast a scene. One of my photo models was scheduled to a scene. He cancelled while I was trying to confirm his partner. Suddenly faced the loss of a scene, I asked my recruiter to call a number of models and to take the first three that said they'd do the scene. My guess was that one of the three would cancel leaving me with a one-on-one scene. Sure enough, only two of the models arrived th enext day. And so the scene was cast with a random pair of models: Palo and Juro. The pictures speak for themselves, but I do admit to having an absolute love for the 9th picture down. That look on ecstatic agony on Palo's face as Juro fucks him is absolutely priceless.

Miso and Yago

On the final day of my stay in Bratislava I invited over two of the most passionate models I had worked with in the city: Miso and Yago. As I said above, Miso is a strict top that loves to be servied. Palo is a slutpuppy (and I say that in the kindest possible way) that loves cock. The two were a natural item, with Yago sucking Miso in numerous ways before the fucking began. Not a greedy and jealous fellow though, Yago invited me over for a taste. And so I joined in the scehe momentarily to fluff with both Yago and Miso before resuming my station behind the camera.