Aaron's Adventures in Russia 1

Aaron's Adventures in Russia 1 is the first video in my largest video project ever. Filmed entirely on location in St. Petersburg, Russia in early June 2001, the video features four very hot and very horny local Russian boys. And for the sake of my art, I introduce them to the camera and then proceed to have great sex with them. My cameraman, noted amateur video producer/star Vidkid Timo, even joins in on occasion.

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Aaron and Vasili

Scene one features 26 year-old Vasili. A gayboy through and through, he made it clear before the scene that he loves being fucked. He wasn't kidding, either. Rarely in my personal or professional sex lives have I encountered such an aggressive bottom. This stud could give Jeff Stryker a run for his money. I do my best though and give him a very thorough fucking.

Aaron and Dima

Scene two features Dima #1, whose features I found to be both sexy and exotic. He is a bottom like Vasili, although more passive and gentle in his style. We kissed, cuddled, kissed again, cuddled again, sucked each other, and invited Timo in for a while. Then I began fucking him slowly and gently. For a while, that is. As he heated up and got into it, I started banging him pretty good. What can I say? I liked it! Needless to say Dima blew a great load by the end of the scene. Hot! hot! hot!

Aaron and Alexi

Vidkid Timo and I met Alexi in a local bar, and made him an offer to be in our movie. He was very anxious at first, not knowing if our offer was legitimate or if we were American crazies. By the time the camera started rolling though he had calmed down and was actually quite turned on. Although I didn't realize it at the time, he was somewhat of a rarity in Russia in that he was comfortable enough in the camera he was able to get hard and play top. Russians are funny that way - they are much more likely to get in front of the camera than Americans, but have much more difficulty once the scene begins.

Anyway, Alexi and I kissed, cuddled, sucked each other, and finally sat me down on his dick and started fucking me. It was fun! He jacked me off while pumping my ass, making me shoot a big load all over him. Fun! Vidkid Timo then licked his balls while he jacked off all over himself.

Aaron, Zhenya, and Vidkid Timo

Scene four features Zhenya. He is perhaps the most enigmatic of the boys that I filmed in Russia. Zhenya claimed to be a naval cadet from a nearby city. One of the boys I filmed later recognized his picture though, and claimed he recognized Zhenya as a local hustler with a mean streak to his personality. I may never know what the truth was. He claimed to have a girlfriend, although he said he liked guys (especially very young looking ones).

What I do know was that Zhenya was extremely affectionate and loved to suck dick and be sucked. For all our work though, he wasn't able to get hard for more than a moment or two. And so we filmed for several hours, but he never became hard or came. We even had him come back two days later to make up a cumshot, but he wasn't able to get hard after half-an-hour of playtime. I never really understood why, either. He didn't seem to be on any drugs (legal or otherwise), and he wasn't reserved like a straight boy would be. Perhaps I wasn't young enough looking for his taste? As with his background, I may never know what the reason was.

In spite of this, the scene turned out quite well. He's a gorgeous guy and was so sexual that Vidkid Timo even jumped in the scene. Both of us played with Zhenya and blew loads with his help.