Aaron's Amateur Funfest 3

Aaron's Amateur Funfest 3 continues the Funfest tradition -- a collection of fun video scenes that didn't fit into any other project, but were too hot to not release. Some of the scenes were originally intended for various projects, while others were just filmed on whim. As such, the scenes have diverse casts and a wide arrange of styles to them.

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Alex #2, Miguel, and Duke

In the spring of 2002 Alex #2 flew out to visit for the weekend. I remember little about what we did, but I do remember this scene well. Two new discoveries, Duke and Miguel, drove up for an afternoon of fun and frolicking. I held the camera while these three guys put on a hot show. Miguel was particularly randy--he had just turned 18 the week before and was eager to try all the sexual things he had seen in pictures online. Duke and Alex obliged his request, and by the end of the encounter nary a trace of innocence was left within him.

Aaron and Jack

Jack was originally discovered on my trip to Thailand. He worked in a go-go bar in Pattaya, a resort city about two hours south of Bangkok. He was eager to accept my offer to make a video scene with me, but nervous about how to go about doing just that. I told him to relax and let me show him what to do. He did just that. For the first few moments of the video he was a little awed with the experience, but he quickly relaxed and responded warmly. His terrific ass opened up to admit me, and together we had a great fuck. If you look closely in the last picture you can see a huge squirt of jizm, too. That was actually his second stream. The first was even bigger and more impressive. His cum shot is one of the biggest I have ever recorded on film--would that all my models could cum like that!

Aaron and Peter

I first met Peter just over two years ago. I had begun traveling around the world and knew I would not be doing much in the way of local videos for a while. I thought he was cute though so I invited him by my place one evening to film a scene. I knew it would eventually see the light of day, although I had no idea it would take two years until its release. The scene with Peter is reminiscent of my Aaron's Casting Couch video. We talk in a brief ''interview'', I help him strip down and pose for the camera, and then I proceed to have wild sex with him. We suck each other in several positions and then I flip him over and begin fucking him. It doesn't take long before he wants a piece of me (something I'm happy to give him), and before long I am the one being topped. Either way we both had fun, and a hot pair of cum shots are shown for everyone's enjoyment.

Aaron, Brenden, and Tommy

Now this is a scene with a funny story behind it. Brenden and Tommy are friends from Maryland. In the past they have fucked around, resulting in Tommy having a big crush on Brenden. Brenden liked Tommy, but the feelings were not returned in quite the same way. So when Brenden and Tommy arrived for the weekend, the plan was to do separate photo shoots with them both, and then for Brenden and I to do a video scene together. Tommy was going to run the camera as training for a possible trip to Europe with me down the line.

The photo shoots became very sexual though, and the three of us found ourselves fucking around quite a bit. So when it came time to do the video scene, Brenden was having a grand ol' time. He invited Tommy into the scene to join in the fun. I handed the camera to my understanding lover, and proceeded to have one of the hottest sessions I have ever had on film. The three of us were absolutely horny for each other, and wanted nothing more than to have sex. Even my lover joined in during a break, pushing Brenden onto the bed and fucking him silly. You won't see that moment on film as my lover is very shy, but you will see everything else that happened between us.