Aaron's Amateur Funfest

As any porn producer knows, after filming for a while you find yourself with a number of extra scenes that are good, but didn't make it into other videos for one reason or another. Rather than let them just sit on the cutting room floor, I created the Amateur Funfest series of videos. These are videos with perfectly good scenes, but have no specific theme binding them together.

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Tommy and Rob

Back when I shot Aaron's Boys Tell All #2, Tommy and Rob had a little rendezvous on camera. I saved that session until now. Tommy has a smooth, lithe, little body and he's really hooked on Rob's larger, but still smooth, frame. These two hot young men make out slowly and gently, kissing and rubbing and removing their clothes piece by piece along the way. Rob wraps his lips around Tommy's hard cock first but it doesn't take long for Tommy to turn the table and get Rob's dick between his lips. After sucking and jerking each other Tommy finds himself with his legs in the air and Rob's cock up his butt. Tommy gets pounded good then Rob jerks out his wad of cum. Tommy scoops up a handful of Robs cum to use as lube while he jacks off, but he couldn't get his nut, so he came back later to deliver his cum shot in a special solo session.

Andrew and Sean

Several hours after the completion of Aaron's First Orgy these two hotties came to me and said they wanted to do a session together. Well, Aaron's couldn't turn them down so he grabbed his camera and they started getting naked. Both guys are hard even before their underwear comes off but Sean is the first to feel his partner's hard shaft as it slides in and out of his mouth. Andrew's cock is more than a mouthful and Sean enjoys every inch. Andrew decides to go for the ass first and sticks his tongue as far up Sean's hole as he can while Sean is sitting on his face. Being a "butt man" it's not long before Andrew's long pole is pumping Sean tight and willing ass. Sean is moaning up a storm as his ass get's pounded through several different positions then they switch roles and do it all over again. Sean takes Andrews load right in his mouth and Andrew licks Sean's load from his fingers.

As a little side note, I became extremely horny during the scene. Once the scene was done and the camera was off, I asked the two of they'd help me get off. They were happy to oblige, and so they sat me back on the couch as they licked my balls together. (Those that know me know that licking my balls is a huuuuge turn-on. This was the first time two guys had ever done it at the same time and I went wild!)

Tommy and Cody

Another hot couple from Aaron's First Orgy come together again for this steamy session. Cody's boyish "Dicaprio" face and Tommy's slender body combine for a delectible sexual romp. These two hotties roll around on the bed with lots of heavy petting before the clothes start slipping away, to reveal their excited and eager bodies. Cody and Tommy trade sensuous blow jobs before slipping into a 69 that will take your breath away. Tommy's tight smooth bubble butt gets a workout from Cody's fingers and thumbs before Cody's thick cock finds a new home in Tommy's lubed hole. After a good fucking, Cody pulls out and the two dudes jerk themselves to a simultaneous climax, covering Tommy's torso in cream.

Aaron and Gabriel

It's a whole new Gabriel, 18years old and from Germany. Gabriel is a veteran of two other videos produced by Eric Magyar. Gabriel really(!) turned me on and wasted very little time with small talk. After some kissing and petting, I went for some serious action, Gabriel's uncut cock. I sucked on his dick for a while and then Gabriel get a hold of my erect tool. We both had a wild time 69'ing, as it gave us both what we wanted most... a cock in our mouths. I eventually turned my attention to Gabriel's butt hole and began to finger the opening. Gabriel didn't want to bottom though (teenboys can be so nervous at times), so I slid a rubber onto his dick, lubes it up, and sat down on his cock. I got a seriously hot ride for his money before we blew our loads.